Modern Small Home Design Idea

Modern Small Home Design Idea

Modern landscape design idea can look easy and simple, You do not need to redecorate it with old design because a modern style should be infused with the high technology features. You can have beautiful scenery and also decorated with the great lighting design. You can also use the solar lamps to accentuate the beauty and style  for the structures  of home such as the flower, trees or  small garden.  By using solar lamps inside the garden, you will make your garden comes alive.
If your garden is big enough, It garden can be used as a gathering spot for your family. They will enjoy to spend their time if the garden in your home was decorated with perfect beautiful landscape ideas. You can create and redecorate focal point on the modern garden by focusing on the wall. You can decorate it with broken tiles, concrete material or a sparkling glitter   to create geometry accent on the floors in modern landscape ideas.

House Elevation Details :

– Service Area
– Small Garden
– Lanai
– 1 Car Garage
– Living Area
– Dining Area
– Kitchen


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