Feng Shui Modern Living Room Ideas

When You want to redecorate your home, you have to decide your own style. The modern living room design can be amazing selection if you like with ample feeling in a small home. It will be a wrong decision if your small home, studio apartment, or even your condo is decorated in traditional design. You can promote crowded feeling with those design. this is why, you can see many small homes all out there decorated with modern design.

Surely modern living room design ideas can be combination with Feng-shui decoration. simplicity and tranquility will be blended when you choose this style. Many homeowner love to use the Feng shui style because this style promotes calming effect. when you always get stressful with the busy job in your office you need to have a tranquil spot that can use to unwind and relax. But you should find out the Feng shui element first before you apply this kind of decoration in your home. You need to know all elements of Feng shui including water, fire, wood, metal and earth. You need to make these elements look in a good harmony on your home.

First you should avoid the overstuffed and chunky design on the coffee table, sofa and cabinet. The table on living room can come in chic look if you can choose the top of this table created from Plexiglas or glass. The next step that you should do is decorating your house.You can use unique and small accessories. Keep them in minimal state so that your living room will never look poor . You can placed An area rug can be applied under the coffee table in neutral color and have a vase of a single flower to set on the coffee table.

To create Feng shui Living room, you should make the element of fire inside your modern living room ideas, this element of fire can using fireplace, candles or even lamps. and the wood element of Feng shui can be placed by using green or brown color. But when you choose the earth element, you just have to get the fireplace on your living room created from the natural stone material. The wall can come in earthy tones such as  brown, beige, taupe, and tan. When you want to decorate the fire place or side table, you can use the pots, statues or figurines created from clay. It is okay to use two elements in Feng shui style.

When you like to decorate your window, you can choose the stylish and simple and roman shutter or blind in beige or white. When it comes about the light element of living room, the Feng Shui  modern living room has its selection. If you always use a decorative light no matter what them style, you need to avoid it lamps from now. This lamps is not suitable to illuminate the Feng Shui  modern living room due to its complicated and grandeur design. You have to choose the lighting of living room fixture in simple state. It can come in  brushed nickel,  aluminum or even copper material to create industrial effect. You can placed twin pendant lighting on the ceiling in Feng Shui  modern living room design ideas

Feng Shui Living Room Interior Design

 Feng Shui Living Room Interior Decor
 Feng Shui Living Room Ideas
Feng Shui Living Room Ideas Decoration

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas Decoration

Feng Shui Living Room design Interior

Feng Shui Living Room Interior Ideas

People who want to create nice and chic feeling can incorporate the decoration in Feng Shui modern living room with metal element. You just have to use white, gray, white, Gold and silver inside you living room. You also can pick the lighting fixtures in gold tone. If you want using the water element inside the modern living room with Feng shui is really easy. You just have to place a table top fountain on the coffee table or fireplace area. The trickling sound in living room can make people tranquil. You can imagine that you are still vacation near the water fall. However, all of them should come in best harmony for stylish Feng Shui modern living room ideas.

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