Tips to build affordable house.

Do you trying to build an affordable house?

These are a few suggestions which working for us. It is possible to working with real budget, be green and still has good design. Many of these options support the custom of the design process, but they can be customized to stock plans that also talking about involvement of an owner. I always recommend renting an architect for coordinating this item.

kerala house
Image: Kerala house design
Kept small
As we look at houses around us, we see a common problems - the building was too big. Just how much of the space you really need? Seriously. Instead of build a bigger house, get rid your stuff you know, that broken tools in a basement, the old worn out clothes, and did you really need 4 pots coffee? This one is simple; most of the families do not need more than 2,500 square feet home unless you are Brady Bunch.

Simple details
This is somewhat related to the style but it is essential for the price. Fussy details can be quickly raise prices. One of the ways we are discuss this does not the wood casing around the windows. Jambs wrapped in the drywall with wood painted threshold - quite stylish and clean. On the exterior, the details of brick drain are limited to soldiers at the head of the windows and throughout the parapet in our use stone window frame. Brick courses immediately below the hidden stone "give little an expressive detail of the construction process. The details are not the same as the simple a lower quality or impacts, but it may remain affordable.

Image : Philippine house design

Smart material choices
This is where some of the people lose their minds in an attempt to keep up with the Jones family. In our case, we you feel strongly about wooden floor, but we couldn't afford to door trim and baseboards were to be was stained wood. The floor comes from the wholesale warehouses for an excellent price. The doors are solid, but the paints class. Budget is important; we need to control our dollars. Make real cuts and hard you will be appreciating when you writing of your mortgage check. Also think the bold colors and durable materials. Colors can bring unexpected pop to the design; more durable materials to save money on the future maintenance.

simple house
Image : Simple But affordable house design
Splurge strategic
Frugality does not the same sacrifices. If you wish to have some really good things, decided where it is really important. The rest of the home can be simpler. Public space such as the kitchen, dining room and living room is able to have a higher level of completion while maintaining bedrooms and bathrooms subdued. You do not have the travertine in your bathroom if you are building on a budget. Other ways to overcome this problem is to choose the lighting fixture was really good for rooms as dining room and entry. Use more clearly, equipment budget elsewhere. Simple clean door hardware in brushed chrome finished we needed.

This is a common concept that worked for us and also works for my clients. There are so lots of other things to consider. It does require engaged in the process and often go to beyond the traditional boundaries. You would need a contractor are willing and I always recommend the architect. Many books and article has been published on this subject. Send me an idea. When I get enough, I would write a follow up post.

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