Minimalist House Design in The philippines

Minimalist House Design

To designing a modern minimalist house is certainly there are has some stages that first step. The first stage is to creates a layout and site plan   of the existing space outside and inside your home. Such as bedroom, dining room, bathroom and living room.  and make sure Do not forget to leaving one empty area in behind or front of the house. for empty land in front  or back of the house that you can use to creates a small garden, in order to makes your home more beautiful situation or more impressive and cool.

House Elevation Details :

Floor Area: 1045.0 sq.m.
first floor : 700.0 sq.m
Minimum Lot Size: 1225.0 sq.m.
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 1
Total Rooms: 5
Stories: 1
Small garden


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