Impressive House Designs in Johannesburg

House Designs in Johannesburg

That is why when we choosing an exterior designer, its so really important to understand and feel cozy with their signature style design and also known as their palette design. We ever talking to award winning luxurious exterior design and architect practice  in johanesburg. House exteriors about how they will define their  style in exterior house design.
Impressive House Designs in Johannesburg was design use Impeccable attention to detail of exterior design and a love for innovative and luxurious materials, combined with luxury couture furniture, Impressive House Designs in Johannesburg offers beautiful design for your new home

House Elevation Details :

Floor Area: 1945.0 sq.m.
first floor : 1700.0 sq.m
Minimum Lot Size: 2025.0 sq.m.
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 2
Total Rooms: 9
Stories: 1
Swimming Pool


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