Contemporary Modern House in New Zealand

Modern House in New Zealand

Contemporary modern house in New Zealand is modern house designed by professional Architects in new Zealand, I like this house is because to the fact this design has modest style. It is more elegant, also minimalist, with perfect mixture of lighter and darker colors. this house known as  house with contemporary gentleman with precise elegance and style of the modern house has classic and modern design. this design remind me with the best exterior design in the Philippine
Open floor and swimming pool strategy layout in this design tends to make this house looks modern, connected with others room and effectively lit, this design also adore this light contemporary furnishings.
if you has to build new  house plan we recommended Contemporary modern house in New Zealand be a part of your house

House Elevation Details :

Floor Area: 1945.0 sq.m.
first floor : 1600.0 sq.m
Minimum Lot Size: 1725.0 sq.m.
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Total Rooms: 6
Stories: 1
Swimming pool


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