Amazing Mediterranean Modern House Design

Mediterranean Modern House Design

actually, the Mediterranean house design are made in order that homeowner can stay cool inside the room. It have to be understand that the Mediterranean countries always has hot weather. so, it is reasonable why every people living in California and Florida adapt their house with Mediterranean house design, because both areas are sufficiently  hot weather. In order to ensuring that interior and exterior of the house should stays cool, the front yard has to exist. It is a place in which the free air is invited and the interior  of the room will be cool in a hot place. The front yard usually takes a place in the back side or front side.

House Elevation Details : 

Floor Area: 2045.0 sq.m.
Minimum Lot Size: 1225.0 sq.m.
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 2
Total Rooms: 8
Stories: 1
Small garden


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